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The problem with asthma

Asthma is no doubt one of the most prevalent diseases today and quite a large number of people do not really know the best way to manage and contain it. More so, there are also quite a number who, for lack of good medical knowledge have ended up resorting to "treatment" regimes that have only served to worsen their condition. One of the most important tools that one needs in the management of asthma is being informed about its cause, symptoms, control measures and remedies including possible treatment regimes. It is also important that patients are made aware of the differtent stages of asthma development and the available mitigation measures that can be taken to prevent it from worsening. Asthma really is not a disease that should be a cause of pain and suffering for patients and their families, but often that is the case, mostly due to misinformation. One of the greatest misinformations out there is the myth that as long as one has asthma then the only remedy is going for an inhaler. We are here to dispel such myths and tell you exactly what you need to do at which exact stage of asthma development.

We offer you great and proven solutions

There are a large number of remedies and treatment regimes out there that can work just as well as the inhaler and there are also quite a number of ways that have been proven to work much better than an inhaler with the added advantage of not having the side effects associated with the prolonged use of inhalers. Asthma is a preventable diseases which can be curbed and treated upon early detection. However even after having developed fully, it is still never too late and it should never be a cause for panic and resorting to desperate measures. Some of the patients who are very difficult to manage are young children and the elderly, whose age limitations mean that their bodies are generally more vulnerable in case of attacks. Parents of small children and caretakers of the elderly can end up being frustrated and this is one of the reasons why we have created an avenue for such people to get information and know the way forward as well as the options that are available in medicine to help alleviate the condition.


The power of expert information

It is also important that the public is made aware of simple home remedies that can come in handy and that have been proven to be very effective in tackling asthma. In deed asthma is a managable condition but mishandling of the condition can transform simple managable situations into fatal situations. We also have a team of medical experts who are always willing and ready to respond to your questions and give you the best pieces of advice in handling of asthmatic patients. It should also be understood that asthma comes in various forms and different patients have different thresholds for the disease and are at different stages of the disease. This is therefore an important consideration that must be put into perspective and that is why you need expert help from us instead of relying on hearsay which could be costly. We have served more than 12,000 patients since inception and we need to help you too to be able to take control. Make that move and we will be ready to help.


Make that move and we will be ready to help

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